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Title: The new Self Check outs at Stores
Post by: ybnissle on February 23, 2009, 11:08:29 am
I don't know if this bothers anyone else but I drives me crazy when someone in front of me takes 9 million years to scan 5 items and if they have produce OMG! then they have to us the LOOK UP FUNCTION then it becomes ROCKET SCIENCE.  I had a guy in front of me last week he had a bluetooth headset attached to a TREO PALM phone.  Now while he was scanning few items he gets a call right at the point where he was gong to scan his tomatoes "the infamous look up function".  So he answers it with the head set but stops scanning (SO MUCH FOR MULTITASKING, defeating the purpose of the hands free deal),  so shortly there after he gets a text (WHICH IS STILL ON THE DEFAULT SOUND, BEGINNER RED FLAG), which he begins to try to figure out (he forgot his manual) then he realizes Oh gee I am still in line and begins to figure out the LOOK UP function which he needs help on too.  If that wasn't enough he gets an email as well, YUP Default sound too. AWESOME.  I won't get into his age or stereo type or ethnicity those who know technology can fill in the blanks.  Some folks just have to have beeps and buzzers to look cool.  I don't care if certain folks want others folks to think they have cool stuff or whatever.  I don't care who has fancy friggin phones either.   JUST if you are technologically challenged STAY OUT OF THE SELF CHECK LINE PLEASE DO US THE FAVOR.  Oh yeah and figure your cool phone out some other time, in this guy's case a rainly DAY!